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Provided as an ancillary process primarily for sludge management, the CROMAFLOW Aerated Sludge Processing Systems greatly reduce Bio solids produced. This translates to annual savings and allows for a more efficient operating Wastewater Treatment System.
The Sludge Processing Tank (SPT) receives excess sludge produced from each treatment Module via manual ball valve located in-line with the return activated sludge pipe. The operator, at his discretion, will manipulate the valves to direct the excess sludge to the SPT during routine site visits.
When the sludge tank is full, sludge thickening is accomplished by manually turning off the aeration pump(s) allowing the tank to settle, and manually pumping the supernatant. After the tank has settled, a decant pump is provided to send the clear supernatant back to the head of the treatment works. The decant pump is located at the back of manway number two and manually controlled by a separate breaker as noted on the control panel enclosure door. The decant pump is suspended from an adjustable chain and should be set by the operator to a height slightly above the sludge/supernatant interface. A float switch mounted directly to the pump will disengage the decant pump as the water level drops.