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Benefits of CROMAFLOW Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Thoroughly Tested
Modular System
Easily Expandable
FRP Tanks

No Offensive Odors or Noise
Easy Installation
Positive Pump Discharge
“Flow Thru” Eliminated

Surge Rated
Automatic Control System
24 Hour Monitoring
Noncorrosive Parts

CF Series

CROMAFLOW’s CF Tanks represent the latest in Sequential Batching Reactor (SBR) technology. With over 10,000 installations worldwide, CROMAFLOW treatment systems have consistently surpassed US EPA standards for secondary wastewater treatment of below 30 mg/l for both TSS and BOD5. From single family homes to small communities, CROMAFLOW offers 10 treatment processes from 500gpd to 15,000gpd. These modular units can be combined to treat wastewater flows of up to 200,000gpd.

CF Series Tanks are the starting point for any CROMAFLOW Wastewater Treatment Solution.

Aerated Pre-Equalization Tanks

Aerated Pre-Equalization Tanks are utilized in CROMAFLOW Wastewater Treatment Solutions to assist with distribution of wastewater. While your custom solution may require treatment of 10,000 gallons per day, if the flow of wastewater is not consistent through the 24-hour cycle, the CROMAFLOW tanks can be overflowed. Adding a Pre-Equalization Tank allows our PLC to meter out wastewater allowing the CF tank to utilize a full 24-hour cycle when usage is limited to 8 hours.

Sludge Processing Tanks

Provided as an ancillary process primarily for sludge management, the CROMAFLOW Aerated Sludge Processing Systems greatly reduce Bio solids produced. This translates to annual savings and allows for a more efficient operating Wastewater Treatment System.

The Sludge Processing Tank (SPT) receives excess sludge produced from each treatment Module via manual ball valve located in-line with the return activated sludge pipe. The operator, at his discretion, will manipulate the valves to direct the excess sludge to the SPT during routine site visits.

Chlorine Disinfection Tanks (CFL)

CROMAFLOW Wastewater Treatment Systems applications may include the necessity for disinfection of treated effluent by means of chlorination. Non-corrosive fiberglass tanks are available to suit most volumes up through 75,000 GPD. Capacities of the chlorine contact tanks have been equated to treatment and discharge volume of the appropriate batch units with consideration for a minimum thirty (30) minute detention time in the chlorine contact tanks.